Vittorio: Mad About the Boy 4

Vittorio is an intellectual type, he's an history professor, but after his long journey to come home he needed some rest in a sunny place!
So here he is at the Palms Hotel in Palm Beach, Miami!

A few words about this doll.  I thought about buying it for a while, I wasn't impresed by the Silent Partner Romain pictures I saw around, then I decided when I found a nude doll (with extra hands). I have to say this doll is wonderful in person! The screening is perfect, he has a shadow under his eyes that gives him a very intense look.

And finally some sunbathing on this wonderful beach (I know I have to sew some beachwear for the guys)....Carla (outfit by Mattel) just happens to be here too....

Ok Vittorio, this was funny but I hope no police is around!

His new fashion is nearly ready so he'll be soon be able to go looking around Florida!

Frank Sinatra: I've got you under my skin

See you soon!


Little Black Dress 5: the 60's - The Golden Era - Dior

The 60's were the golden era of the LBD, I think mostly thanks to Breakfast at Tiffany's and the asounding collection Givenchy designed for Audrey. But the 60's were also the era of the empire waist, so I picked this wonderful dress by Dior.

I love it because is so incredible elegant, the quintessential LBD. And also I wanted something new for Berenice, as soon as I saw this dress I thought it was just the right thing for her to wear!
I used a gabardine fabric and some black ribbon. The shoes are by The Vogue HK (I've ordered some new accessories from them and can't wait to get them!).

I'm pretty proud with the result, I'm seldom truly satisfied but I absolutely adore Berenice in this dress!

As you can see, I couldn't stop photographing her! She's the perfect 60's model, classic but full of spirit!

I even found Poppy's body fun to pose (and at first I nearly hated it) who knows, maybe I should think about adding a new Poppy to my collection!

This issue soundtrack is one of my favourite songs from my all time favourite musical: My fair lady, again a hommage to Audrey and the 60's: "I've grown accostumed to her face" by the great Nat King Cole

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Almost all the pieces have arrived, so here are the four rooms so far:

the Traveller's library,

looks like Vittorio is putting up a front, I don't believe he's such an intellectual

 the Norma Desmond's Lounge

boys and girls throwing a party

the Sunny living room 

the guys are not happy with my choice of magazines......

the  Kitchen/dining

Odette and Carlo having a cozy breakfast

I still have to prepare the carpets for the last two rooms and maybe a couple of pillows for the Norma Desmond's Lounge, but I'm thrilled.....


Another Hairdo

The last two guys who got home are Enrico and Giacomo. I loved their screening, sculpt and hair colour but HATED their hairdos. In fact I decided to buy them only after I saw some pictures of them after restyling.

Take Giacomo, he has these gorgeous red hair and soft screening, but the original hairdo is....gastly.....

and how he is now, with a simple bob, he's soooo sweet!

Enrico had this awful oversized wave!!! Too ugly  to be looked at (IMHO)

now he looks just right, he has got something edwardian about him, right out of some Oscar Wilde play (I can picture him Bunburying in the country)

Well, my hairstyling is not perfect, but I'm really pleased!

PS. please IT, no more silly hairdos for guys.......

Well, maybe I did all this just to share this wonderful song by the Great Charlie Parker:

Another Hair Do - Charlie Parker



It looks like reorganizing is everybody's priority around the doll's collector community lately.....

And finally I decided myself and went to Ikea. I've been planning a reorganization of my collection for a while. and now here it is: my new Detolf showcase!

Ligthting is awful, but it gives you the general idea.....

that's me in the corner

It was not the easiest thing to do, but we managed to put it together, and the girls now have a lot (well at least enough) space:

This reorganization left me with my other showcase empty, and this is another thing a was looking forward for: now I have the place for a few dioramas!

I've been scavenging e-bay and etsy for months, and planned four different rooms

the Traveller's library, this was the only room I was able to do with the furniture I already had:

For the Norma Desmond's Lounge I bought on E-Bay:

This lovely side table from MiniPlacesStudio:

and a beautiful old phone from MiniPastisserie

For The sunny living room I ordered this great set from Miniio

Last but not least, for The Kitchen/dining

Table and chairs from miniCHAIR

and this fully accessorized kitchen table from bedsbystar

I'll have to complete the dioramas with some rugs and perhaps some more little piece. As for now I'm pretty satisfied and can't wait to receive all these items and to start to set up the dioramas.

See you soon!


Carlotta's Birthay Gift - Ludovica leaves the house

You know, everything started with my niece Carlotta and her love for Barbies, I tried my hand in order to let her have some original fashions to play with and here I am after two years, completely caught with this passion.
The 10th of September was Carlotta's birthday, and this time she asked me a complete wedding dress!
Well I couldn't resist the challenge so worked hard at patterns and came up with this line, which in fact is inspired to my sister's wedding dress (Carlotta's Mom).
This is the pattern I found  for the empire gown:

I never dreamed to try a wedding dress (probably because I'm not your wedding kind of person) but I'm really happy with the result:

I also decided to give Carlotta one of my dolls, so here is a closeup of Ludovica, who has left the house (and she's goingo to have a lot of fun!!!)

The only piece I didn't make are the flower which I bought from scarydollperson shop on etsy!

Of course Odette couldn't resist and had to try the dress on!

Well Carlo doesn't seem to appreciate it .....

"not a bit"


Hommes Fashion 3: Nicola in Berlin

Nicola has something stilish about him so as first fashion I decided to sew him a Mod's outfit

I liked this one very much, I'm not very good at jackets, but I keep trying!!!!
I used red cotton for the trousers, wool jersey for the turtleneck sweater and gabardine for the jacket, this time I nearly got the sleeves right, but I still have to work on my jacket pattern!!!! Shoes are by IT.

Anyway, Nicola is very happy with it, and he's going to show you some highliths of Berlin, which happens to be one of Sasha's favourite towns. I've never been there yet, so you'll have to trust Sasha and this camera.

Berlin Wall - Murales - Picture by Sasha
Berlin Wall - Murales - Picture by Sasha
These places are the reminders of a very sad period, but Berliners seem to have made the most of them: tourist attractions!

Check Point - Picture by Sasha
one of the amazing things about Berlin are the wonderful modern architectures, these  are a couple of buildings by Renzo Piano in Postdamer Platz.

Berlin - Postdamer Platz - Renzo Piano building - Picture by Sasha
Berlin - Postdamer Platz - Renzo Piano building - Picture by Sasha
Of course he couldn't miss to pose in front of the Brandeburg gate! But, wait a minute, who's that gorgeous girl over there? It looks like Iolanda has already followed Nicola here!!!

Berlin - Brandeburg Gate - Picture by Sasha
This as view of Berlin from the Reichstag terrace: it's amazing!!!

Berlin - view from the Reichstag terrace - Picture by Sasha
Berlin - The Reichstag - Picture by Sasha

Berlin, as many European Capitals, is rich of museums, this is the museum island, it is also a lovely place to take a straw....So Nicola decided to take Nasty for a walk, and Iolanda is there again!!!

Berlin - Altes Museum - Picture by Sasha
Berlin - Museums Island - Picture by Sasha
Well, for those of you who are wondering how Nicola is going to spend the afternoon......even thought I'm sure he set his eyes on Edda, but I told you, Nicola is our ladiesman!!!

Koepenic Restaurant - Stock Picture

This issue's soundtrack, on of my faves by Jamiroquai: Virtual Insanity!!!