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8th march: women's day
Travelling dolly: odette in Oman 2 
Mad about the boy: Bartolomeo 
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Let me introduce you to the pets around here, they are going to pop up in photomontages and dioramas, and (as for everything else around here) they have got their own backstory.

You have already met Nasty: he's Lisa Neault's creation. He first came in the house as the dark side of Asta the dog from the Thin Man Movies. At first he was Cecilia's soulmate, but now he has been adopted by Goffredo and Ofelia.
Of course he is still featuring in Cecilia's posts!

These are Bartolomeo's cats: Frida (the mother), Cezanne and VanGogh the cubs. Luckily they have fake nails so they can scratch safely on the couch!

Winston is Sebastiano's pug. But he will also appear in the Norma Desmond's next features.

Winston and the cats are Schleich's miniatures

Last but not least Odette's and Carlo boxer, he's called Black (also known as Sparklez for his sparkling coat LOL). He's a Villari Capodimonte porcelain dog.


Urban Safari: An Hommes Collection

I've been working on this "collection" for a while, almost six monthts, now the guys are proud to present the Urban Safari Collection for Hommes:

Of course you have seen some of these dresses and you shall see them in the next adventures of the guys, expecially Carlo shall use them in the next travelling dolly posts, but I thought the collection deserved a post of his own!

The guys look pretty handsome, perhaps these colours aren't really befitting for the pale ones, with the noticeable exeption of Carlo, he looks wonderful whatever the colour of the clothes is!

Orso Maria

Now you know what I've been up to in the last months!


My funny Valentine

Odette and Carlo are enjoying a  serendibitous St. Valentine's day!

Happy St. Valentine's day to all of you too!!!

Rod Stewart: Have I told you lately


African Tales: The short happy life of Francis Macomber

I love Hemingway, I love expecially  his short stories. I was a bit disappointed nobody noticed it by the quality of my prose ..... LOL
Ok, my prose is what it is, anyway, I was re-reading the complete collection of the shorts stories and I had an ispiration from "The short happy life of Francis Macomber". If you never read it just click on the link, it's worth the time.
The inspiration was for this set of pictures, it took me a while to prepare the dresses but here they are:

Camilla (as Margaret) is wearing a leopard printed mini dress inspired by a dress I own by Kookai,

Orso Maria (as Wilson - the white hunter) wears a simple safari suit,

Vittorio (Francis Macomber, who's happy life was really short) a more trendy safari suit.

And this is the picture inspired by the novel


Hommes classic fashion tutorial: the necktie!

In these first days of the year I've been working around some "accessories" for the guys. A new bunch of shirts, they will come in very handy when I'm going to start sewing the formal outfits I have in mind, and a whole collection of neckties!
I like neckties a lot, I liked them so much that I even learned to tie them.
So, as they are quite hard to find (I can't bear the fake mattel ones) I'm sharing some tips.
First of all you have to take the right measurements. The best way is to use a thin ribbon and tie the knot you are going to use on the doll.

How to tie a knot? I picked the two which can be made with a playscale tie without going completely crazy.

This is the simple knot (or four in hands), it is the easier, and it requires a shorter tie:

This is the Half Windsor knot, is very elegant , but requires more patience (expecially in 1:6 scale) and a longer tie:

When you have the right lenght you can draw your tie pattern:

I make mine in one single piece. When you draw it remenber to leave seam allowance. Then I sew the whole lenght with a  wipstitch, then fold it and sew it with a single stitch (makig the smallest stitches I'm capable of):

Here's the front of the finished tie:

Alessandro looks pleased (Enghish knot). In fact no guy's wardrobe is complete without some beautiful silk ties!


Travelling Dolly 8: Odette in Oman part 1 - Cities

After such a long stay in China the travelling dolly was looking for a change of scenery. So, what about Oman as the next destination for Odette and Carlo?
They immediately agreed, fascinated with the idea of visiting the white city of Muscat, the unbeliavable charm of the oasis and the Wahiba Sands, in the northern part of the "Empty Quarter"! To say nothing of the fortresses and canyons. They can't possibly miss all this!
First of all I had to pick the right wardrobe for Odette.
I came up with this simple trapeze dress  and a safari jacket, The colours look great! Carlo is wearing a khaki suit and green t-shirt which are part of a Male urban safari colletion inspired by D&G, I'm working on it, and  someday I'll be able to post the whole thing! In the meantime Carlo is going to introduce the single outfits....

I also brushed a bit Odette's hair, I love her natural look now....

This time I decided not to show a route but to make four instalments showing: cities, forts, wadis and last but not least the desert. This will, I hope, help to show how diverse is the experience of visiting this wonderful country!

Muscat, the Capital: a white gem nestled between mountains

This is the Great Mosque. Omanites are very kind and tourists are allowed to visit it, but Odette didn't want to ruin her new hairdo so she posed ouside of it (I went inside!)

One of the forts presiding the bay of Muscat

The sea promenade

Muscat has a huge and colourful Souk, Odette and Carlo bought some Halva and Incense

No Odette, it doesn't look like original local harticraft.....

Sur: In Sur Odette and Carlo visited one of the dockyards where they build the tipical Dhow boats, described by Marco Polo in his book

A beach with fishermen's boats

A nice overview of Sur with her many watchtowers

Nizwa: Before visiting the fortress Odette and Carlo take a brief straw in the local souk, they saw many beautiful and expensive articrafts, pottery and the tipical daggers with filagree sheats

See you soon!

In the next instalment: Fortresses and doors

Previous Instalment: Odette in China part 3



30's fashion: evening dresses

As anticipated, i'm going to show you the dresses I sew for the New Year's Eve party, along with the original fashions that inspired them.
I got the idea while searching in internet for some Myrna Loy outfits for Ofelia, and I came across these beautiful pictures:

Evening dresses are not exaclty my greatest passion, as you can see browsing my blog so far, but I really like this kind of design a lot

So I sew the first dress, and then the New Year's Eve party was on its way!!!

I made two versions of this one, is the one I like best

And then, among the google result I came across this one, which is from the late 20's, but I loved the oversized ribbon idea


As you see I only picked the general line of the dress, and used satin instead of the softer fabric of the original dresses.
Just to be prepared for next year (and not having to face Cecilia's anger) I'm going to add three more of  these dresses for the tall (FR2) girls: Cecilia, Giada and the new Dania (she doesn't have a name yet).