A new soul: Pietrina

First of all, Happy 4th of July!!!

Fasten your seatbelts,  is going to be a bumpy night!

Last but not least of the super gorgeous girls from the Gloss Convention 2014 let me introduce you to Nocturnal Glow Veronique!

I admit it: I have a soft spot for thee new Veronique facemold, now that she's arrived home she's going to be called Pietrina.

You can see at a glance that this girl means business! And to convey this she doesn't  even need to have an expression like she's just bitten a lemon!

I really like this 70's collection, all the new girls are still in their original outfits. I'm just nervous because it looks like they are throwing a tipical 70's elegant party, and in my imagination a tipical 70's elegant party immediately spells "the towering inferno". You know, my girls are displayed in a crystal cabinet......

Going back to Pietrina, maybe is her colouring,  she reminded me of Romy Schneider, and so I've decided to match her with Sebastiano, they're to look like a million together!

To end june with a bang, I'm going to post some pictures of the three girls toghether next week!
Kisses Billa


The Cover: treats for july

New Souls: Pietrina & Aurelia
plus: random posts about action figures and diorama progresses!


A new soul, Emilia

To introduce you to the next lady in the collection I asked Isaac Hayes to help me set the mood

Ever since I saw the first pictures of Adorned Vanessa I was in love with her. First of all she's got auburn hair, then she has a heartbreaking faceup! Those lips, and the eyes!!!
So, as soon as I took my decision to switch the collection to FR2 I felt free to go and get her!!

She's going to be the queen of the resident redheads, I'm still thinking who's going to be her guy....

I like her outfit, I like it so much that they both are going to star on the july cover!

Summer is here so there's a bit too much light to do her justice, but she is beautiful all the same!

The more I look at the dolls the more I'm convinced that 2014 collection was simply stunning! Maybe IT doesn't give so much value anymore  as far as accessories goes, but the dolls are wonderful!!! 

ps. the "fashion figures" are on their way......


Express post: World Doll Day Tag

I've been tagget by Farrah to this nice initiative of the World Doll Day Tag, I'm a little bit late perhaps, but I willingly oblige!
Here are the rules:
1. List 3 favorite dolls from the ones you got last year.
2. List 3 dolls currently on your wishlist.
3. Tag 5 people to do the same thing! (Anyone with a home on the web, not just bloggers, can be tagged!)

And here are my lists:

Favorite dolls from last year:

1. Goffredo - Declan Wade Gloss Convention 2014

2. Sebastiano - Callum Windsor Gloss Convention 2014

3. Ofelia - Full Spectrum Veronique

I actually don't have a wishlist right now, but I can name three grails I don't expect to get anytime soon:

1. Lady in Red Erin from the Tropicalia Convention

2. Rock Ringmaster Lukas

and above all 3. Leading Man Lukas

Now, I really believe it's quite late for the World Doll Day, but, as this is real fun I want to invite some fellow bloggers, if they want to join the (late) celebration!
1. April
3. D7ana
4. Dani
5. Lisa

Kisses Billa


Extra - Part 2 - more action figures!

Ok, this had to be "summer hiatus", but you know I'm a compulsive hoarder so I had to get all the guys for the new ladies.
Thanks again to Phyllis for getting me started on this! following her advice I also ordered three muscle bodies, just to add some more variety (as they all can share the same clothes!)

And these three guys:

Ermanno, he's an oddball, I know he doesnt' really fit in, but I have something in mind for him.....

Filippo (provisional name, I'm not quite sure yet), unconventionally handsome

Luchino, well, you can't go wrong with Liam Neeson's features, can you?

So no more Lonely Hearts Club around here! 

Ps. and I've changed my mind about Margherita, my niece Carlotta is going to get Natalia Hot Property and Barbie Mermaid instead....Lol, I'm  so marvellously inconsistent! 


Extra - What about some action figures?

Since I bought the new girls and Arturo, I started thinking that I wanted a guy to match each of the girls, I was almost done with Arturo, but I still missed three guys to complete the couples and the FR Guys I still don't have simply look too youthful for some of the girls here.
The older FR guys are far too expensive, and I wanted to avoid the temptation to add more "Lukas" to my crowd.

I admired many action figures from fellow collectors' blogs, and loved the realistic facesculpts and poseability. But they are too small!!!!

Sometimes ago somebody ( thak you Phyllis!) posted about the new Coomodel 27 cm tall body.
I checked it out on ebay and to my surprise it looked narrow shouldered enough for my tastes (I don't like ultra muscular guys). As these are the skinnier bodies around, I thought I could settle for it.
27 cm is exactly the measurement of FR2 girls a the shoulder, so even though these guys won't tower over them, as the FR Hommes do, they will be all right.

Here are the pictures of this body and here a full review:

As I'm not familiar with action figures I bought also an adapter for Hot Toys muscular heads, three of them, just in case, hope it works!

Then added a couple of hand sets, as I don't think the new guys are going to be shooting  at anybody around here!

then a couple of shoes, as these figures' feet are longer than FR Hommes'. Even if I figured that maybe they can use some shoes designed for the new color infusion feet. I bought three for each type, casual and formal (they will not be allowed a great variety for now)

Now came the hardest part, pick the heads! It took me three months, but now here they are:




It will take a while before they will get home, and as they are going to have completely diffrent measurement from the FR Hommes they are going to have a wardrobe of their own. Ok, I know, but they are NOT big busted ladies!
It looks like I find it far more interesting  sewing for guys....LOL
I saw some wonderful creations for these kind of guys on facebook and etsy and liked the challenge!

I know you all are wondering about who will date who in the house. 
When the new guys will be here, we will be playing "the dating game"!

I hope I guessed the compatibility of heads and body right, any suggestion for adapters and things like that are more than welcome!


A new soul.....Giorgia and a turning point

Since the Gloss Convention I've been resisting buiyng Adorned Vanessa, Grandiose Natalia and Noctunral Glow Veronique.
As I already ordered Rare Appearance Dania, that sooner or later shall be released by IT, I decided to stick to the girls I already had.
But I have to tell you: I don't like FR Tall Body. I thought so the first time I saw one "in person" and unfortunately it didn't grow on me. Quite the contrary.
While Nu-Face and FR2 can easily swap clothes (with the exception of trousers) the "tall body" girls can not.   I don't really like to have to sew multiple versions of a same dress and  I find the Tall Body proportions difficult to handle. Just a matter of personal taste and sewing skills.
I can understand that people with huge collections of earlier original FR clothes and accessories (in the older days  IT pulled off many outstanding outfis) are upset by the body change, but as I only started collecting FR a couples of years ago, I don't have this kind of problem. But the main thing is: I can only have dolls that I absolutely and throughly love!

I only have  Dania (red headed Margherita), Natalia (Hot Property - Edda)  and Veronique (Costanza) on a tall body, so I've been thinking (for a while now) if it was the case to buy the girls in their FR2 versions and substitute these dolls.
In fact last year it looked like at  IT's they were doing everything they could to help me: delivering dolls with the updated facesculpts (which I like a lot) on the new enhanched FR2 body, feathuring  the all time favourite faceups and hairdos.
This was the case with Grandiose Natalia for istance, who really reminds me of Hot Property (besides the grey eyes).
Ok, why I'm telling you all this? Because I actually ordered the three of them and today Natalia arrived!
So my decision is final: Margherita and Edda shall go to Carlotta's (with some dresses) and I'll only keep Costanza. Her Classic Hollywood features are too dear to me and, for the time being at least, I'm not ready to part with her!

I also decided not only to substitute Natalia, but  also to give her a new name. As she arrived at home I knew she was going to be called Giorgia!

So let's go ahead with the deboxing ritual!

I can't stop taking pictures of her!

I really like the outfit, I think I shall use this dress as a template for better homemade evening dresses to come.

Burgundy sandals .... OMG I didn't notice that!!!

I think she looks a lot like Raquel Welch, I absolutely love everything about her!

Well these outfits are so wonderfully 70's that I'm leaving you on the notes of this hit from 1974, it's from the soundtrack from the worst movie with  a stellar cast ever made: The Towering Infermo

  "we may never love like this again"


Summer Hiatus

Summer is here, and since the beginning of June we are going to devote all of our spare time to our favourite sport: sunbathing at the beach!
Summertime is not a great season for sewing and until the end of september I'm going to post only once or twice a month.
In the meantime I'm going to recharge the batteries,  and work out some crafting problems before starting to work around the persian room (I have not abandoned the project!)
I checked the "editorial line 2015":  I've  been   able, almost,  to keep the pace I wanted and I played a lot with my dolls. I fear some of the projects won't be feasible in the near future but I'm sure I'm going to come up with some new ideas. I always have a lot of ideas a so little time to realize them.

In particular I haven't been able to keep my promise about the Thin Man themed posts, in fact I sew only one Myrna Loy outfit for Ofelia, and I have to prepare TONS of these!

Furthermore I have (again!) space problems. I have to find a way to put the hearth room on permanent display,  find a place for the persian room, find an arrangement for the kitchen and last but not least a place for the new vespa sidecar pictured below!

To do so I fear I'll have to reorganize my study (wich is filled with memorabilia from my travels, tons of books, records and dvds!) but  I want to do so with the minum amount of effort. This is going to be  a  real challenge! Or the display rooms will remain all packed up as they are......

Yes ,  I'm in a lazy mood. But it's summertime, you know.

In these next few months I'm going to introduce you to the new girls (and a boy) I recently added to my crew, and an Etro inspired girl's collection I've been preparing during may.

New girls and boys preview:


Hopefully, within September, IT will also release (and deliver!) these two beauties:

Released last week!

Now you can see I really need some rest, and my finances need a lot of rest too!!!