Hommes Fashion 4: Vittorio in Florida

This is going to be a very long post, I just wanted to put together some nice photomontages of Vittorio and Margherita in their new outfits, it came out to be a full fledged ultra-long instalment of the Travelling Dolly Series.
I have never been to Florida, but Sasha was there two years ago and we selected some wonderful pictures he took on his trip there.
This was his itinerary. Vittorio and Margherita will start from Miami, then will go to the Keys, The Everglades, Naples, Edison's House in Fort Myers, Tampa, Orlando and Cape Canaveral!
(I want to go too Sasha!!!)

Vittorio's suit was my first attempt at a male complete outfit, I had to fix the jacket several times before I was able to get something that resembled what I had in mind. Now it looks acceptable!
This was the pattern I tried to use:

in fact it is a bit too complicated and detailed for a fashion doll, so this is the only jacket I sew using it.
Enough for Vittorio's suit. Margherita wears a dress inspired by a Tonner fashion from last year's collection.

In the end I only kept the general line, as this viscosa fabric I choose wasn't exactly willing to cooperate!

All pictures are by Sahsa.


Ocean Avenue

Versace's Home

Key West

Are you shure this is a bus stop?

do we really have to go to see Hemingway home? I have sore feet!

Hemingway Home

You were right, this is  a great place!

Mallor Square - admiring the acrobats

I think I like you

Miccosukee - They are going to take a boat ride in the Everglades,

Naples - What a gorgeous beach! and they didn't had their bathing suits....Margherita is a bit upset

Fort Myers - Edison's Home


Orlando - Disneyworld

Are we going to see the Muppet's Show, aren't we?
Cape Canaveral

This place was fun!!! I always wanted to be an astronaut

Vittorio and Margherita are quite a lovely redheaded couple, they photographed beautifully together, and in the end he's not such a boring guy as she thought!

As Florida's nickname is "the sunshine state" (and I believe it deserves its nickname, look at the light in these pictures!!!) our soundtrack shall be "let the sunshine in"!


A new girl: Ofelia

This year I only added one girl to the collection, after much tought I decided to buy Full Spectrum Veronique, first of all because Veronique has the most beautiful face sculpt, second because I loved her short hair and green eyes.

She's a perfect doll IMHO, I called her Ofelia, and I liked her outfit so much that I haven't yet redressed her!

Now she's resting in the display, actually she took a lift from Orso Maria!


African Tales: Pulling off a Veruschka

In my continuing search for new inspirarion for my urban safari collection, which someday I'm going to sew, I met this wonderful picture by Franco Rubartelli.

OMG this is exactly the Dolly Forever Dress!!!!

As you imagine all the girls wanted to try to pull off  this one, expecially Odette and Cecilia lobbied very hard. But as soon as I saw Veruschka I knew that only Edda had the right attitude (and hairdo).
So I patiently managed to get my hands on High Visibility Agnes hat, and Fashion Explorer Vanessa Boots, Bag and glasses......

It took a while to find these accessories at a reasonable price!
Then I tried on Edda the Dolly Forever dress (it fits!....somehow) and now I only had to try my hand on the photosession.
This is the first ensemble I put together without sewing a single stitch....

I din't have a gun so she's playing with her new bag.....

Nicola is modeling one of the Urban Safari Male Fashions
They look pretty gorgeous together. Maybe they will meet Odette and Carlo somewhere in Africa!


Goffredo Mad About the Boy: "He's Alive, he's alive, HE'S ALIVE!!!"

First of all I want to thank you all for your advice and support!
Well, poor Goffredo was really a mess when he arrived. I worked a lot on him in order to get the look I envisioned when I first saw his pictures from the convention.
Now he's my "creature" (hence the Frankenstein quote). I just finished his first suit and I want to share some preview pictures of him in his full glory!
First a couple of "underwear"shots:

And of course the sexy-sampdorian shot!

I've been working very hard on a dapper suit for him, and here's a sneak peek of it:

Goffredo's soundtrack: "putting on the ritz" from Frankenstein Jr.


Goffredo: With a little help from my friends [edited]

This is not the planned weekly post, I'll post it later don't worry!
But I just received Declan Wake from the Gloss Convention (still waiting for Sebastiano - Callum to ship) and I really need some learned advice from you fellow bloggers

So this is more an general SOS post.....and the problem is


it was a rough trip from Florida.....

LOL this is a great challenge, I want him to look as IT fixed him at the convention:

His hair are greasy, so perhaps I should be able to mold them with some hair clips and a bit of patience, but I will HUGELY appreciate any words of wisdom from you!

Kisses Billa

With a little help from my friends


first, the thin man had only mustaches, so I used no-acetone nail solvent, washed the face with water and baking soda and finally washed his face with soap:

These are not exactly the "thin man" kind of moustaches but they look good enough (I don't have any clues with repainting, nor the necessary skills)

Let's see if hair clips and his "natural grease" work the magic!

Stay tuned!

After a "violent" hair spray session

Mr. Cellophane


The "Redhead Connection" presents: Roman Holidays featuring Carla and Valeria

I've been thinking a lot about showing some love to my MM girls, expecially to Carla and Valeria, who are simply beautiful. At first I simply thought of finding inspiration in some of Robert Best's fashions for silkstone, in particular I adore Market Day Barbie

Then I decided that sewing some floral dresses  and photoghraph them wouldn't do them justice. Ok, they are not poseable but they sure can strike that ONE pose....again Silkstone was a great source. As Mattel's latest campaing for silkstone is set in Rome, and I love Rome,  I decided to make an exercise in photomontages.
But, at least in my mind, Rome+lovely girls=Roman Holidays!!!!
I must add that sometime ago I found on e-bay a  wonderful blue Barbie Vespa for a nice price.
Mix everything together with my Redheaded Dolls Obsession, and you have "The Redhead Connection"!!!

I've been in Rome several times, in fact I have to go there due to work duties several times each year, but I never had any time to take pictures, so the photomontages are on stock images.
But I can tell you Rome is a very special place. Each time I go there, even for a few hours for a meeting I feel elated, there's something in the air.

These are the dresses I sew for Valeria and Carla, they are now ready to see some wonderful places and meet interesting people......

Let me introduce you to Orso Maria. He and Carla are in front of the Coloseum, Orso Maria is one of the new guys and soon you shall see him in all his glory, all the girls here are crazy about him. He's wearing a black tailored suit (D&G style, at least that's what I was trying to do) and a piquet white shirt

Borgo Pio is a lovely neighborood on the outskirts of Vatican City

Beautiful redheads posing in front of Fontana di Trevi:

Valeria and Giacomo visiting the Caracalla's Thermae. Giacomo is wearing a nice blue sweater I made out of a sock, and a pair of simple jeans. So far I can tell you he is Samuele little brother. More about him soon!

And before leaving  Giacomo shows Valeria around Rome by night. This is Piazza di Spagna, the atmosphere is pure magic!

Don't know yet if this is going to be the first of a series, but it was real fun!!! Possibly the Redhead Connection should present the "grand tour of Italy": Cinqueterre, Florence, Rome and Venice, let's see if I can keep up with my sewing and photomontages and all the projects around here!!! Maybe a "yearly instalment" LOL....hope you'll be patient enough....

As it took me ages to prepare this, our soundtrack shall be: Morcheeba "Rome wasn't built in a Day"

See you soon
Kisses, Billa